Terms and conditions

© Geert Bal

Ninus Translations distiguinshes between sworn translations and all other translations. The prices vary accordingly. For details regarding prices, please refer to this page.

The agreement comes into effect by the client’s oral or written consent to the quote. Thereafter, if the client should wish to make alterations in the text to be translated, the translator is entitled to adjust the agreed time of release and/or the fee.

Translations will be made payable in two installments: 50% on effect of the agreement and 50% on delivery.

The translator will work to the best of his abilities. In case of any inadequacies or alleged flaws, one correction round is included in the price.

The holder of the text to be translated is himself responsible for its authenticity. He is therefore well advised to either deliver the document in person, send it by registered mail or send it as a scan-attachment of an email. For contact details of Ninus Translation Service, please refer to this page.

Ninus Translation Service will observe strict confidentiality regarding all information given.

Ninus Translation Service will retain copyright on all translations made, unless – explicitly and in writing – otherwise agreed.